PROJECTS | Workplaces

  • Shanghai Henderson • CIFI Center Office - 130 Show Office

    Creating a modern office that represent the company’s identity and spirit, with a flexible design environmentally conscious.

    Designed for advertising, it beneficiates of a certain youth looking, but highly functional and mature.

    The watch department is the development of an international advertising company.With a full height of 4.4m, 3.7m under the beam, we have also added a mezzanine with a purpose of a brain storming space and lounge.The space unit originated with a low bookcase area, follows the stairs and the mezzanine to the ceiling, ending in the meeting area’s droplight. The director’s desk and meeting table are separated with a planter, giving space a freedom.

    Developer | CIFI GROUP
    Completion | 2015
    City | Shanghai
    Type | Show Office